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What Did These Bridal Surveys Reveal?

 A survey of brides questioned after their wedding asking them what they would have done differently revealed:

  • 73% of brides thought they should have given more thought to their entertainment and not just had a disco.
  • 68% wished they had spent more money on their entertainer and less on the food
  • 84% wished they had even thought about having some form of entertainment.


The American Disc Jockey Association conducted a survey of brides just after their wedding day and determined that the one item above all others (except for the venue) that they would have paid more attention to was the wedding reception entertainment.

When making the selection of key components for your reception try to “remember what people remember” and that getting the cheapest price isn’t always the best value.


"We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your outstanding performance at our wedding. It created a great atmosphere and made the day so special for us and our guests.”
Karim and Stephanie

Do you see the photos on the right? One of them is a bride on the verge of pulling her hair out. Why do you think?

The poor bride is upset. Her brother’s friend said he would do DJ. He got drunk and played totally inappropriate music. The DJ’s sister believed she was a Karaoke superstar and insisted on going through her full repertoire. You can imagineā€¦

That’s the last thing you want to have happen on your special day. A professional magician like myself during the day and a professional DJ or band in the evening will
ensure your day goes without a hitch and you can relax knowing you and your guests are in safe hands. Ensure your wedding is remembered for all the right reasons.

“You were absolutely terrific. It was great to see you getting everyone involved. It is the one topic that constantly comes up when people talk about our wedding, from my grandparents to Chris’ nieces and nephews.”
Melanie and Chris Glover


Quentin entertains at weddings and anniversaries as well as private parties and corporate functions. His blend of fun, laughter and amazement breaks down barriers and leaves your guests feeling what a great time theyve had - and thanking you for arranging it. Contact Quentin or go to the main page

 Creating Memories
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Special Day

Quentin Reynolds wedding magician entertains guests at Ciaran and Gemma's wedding.

Quentin Reynolds wedding magic 

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 We want to see Quentin's magic. Where is he?

Quentin Entertains all ages and even teaches the youngsters useful life skills.

How Can This Be? Truly amazing.

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Delighted gasps of amazement

Wedding magician Quentin Reynolds getting the party going with amazement and laughter. 

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 Watch the look on their faces

 "Did that really happen? I was watching so close. Amazing!"

Delighted guests as wedding magician Quentin Reynolds breaks the ice.