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A Personal Message For The Happy Couple

"The Secret To Having
a Sensational and Memorable Wedding!"



Your wedding is the most important day of your life. And I doubt you will have ever spent so much time and effort planning anything with such attention to detail … and with seemingly endless peripherals to attend to.

I can’t solve all your problems but I can solve one of them in a way that will make your day sensational and leave you and your guests talking about what a great day it was – all for less than the cost of a wedding dress.

But first, let me ask you a question. What do people really remember about a wedding?
(Besides you of course). It’s not the decorations, the food, the flowers, is it? What you and your guests really remember is the people they met and the fun they had. And that’s where I come in. Increasing those memories by a factor of ten.

“Thank you for your performance at our wedding. It was great to see everybody having such a great time. It was very much the topic of discussion over the meal. A job very well done!”
Paul & Agnieszka Berry, Mint Hotel

And I do it in a very special, magical way adding one of the special touches that are the hallmark of thoughtful hospitality … I create the kind of special memorable fun moments that will help bring your day to life by creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests in a way that will make your day sensational, add continuity and leave you and your guests talking for months afterwards about what a great time they had.

I’m Quentin Reynolds, a professional magician and mindreader specialising in making weddings memorable.. I mix and mingle with your guests in small groups, breaking the ice, introducing people to each other, performing jaw-dropping magic in front of their eyes.

“We wanted to send you a special note to say thank you sooo much for everything you did at the wedding... To be honest we had the best day of our lives - it truly was for both of us an amazing day and one that is parked in the special memory banks :).

The reason for the such memorable day was also down to you!!! To top it off the amount of people who commented on it - and thought how superb you were - meant that the whole wedding loved it too! The second night the amount of people who kept talking about you and commented on the "bended coin" etc - meant that the entertainment rolled over into the second night!!!”
Ciaran and Gemma McCormack !

It is the combination of wonder, fun, sheer amazement and laughter that generates so much surprise and enjoyment, appealling to all ages from grandparents to grandchildren.

When I’ve moved on to the next group, they all have something to talk about even if none of them have met before and they are the shyest people you know. There’s nothing like laughter for breaking down barriers.

Setting your wedding apart from other weddings

There are three main ways I can help you...

The first is the photo session. This can take up to two hours. I’m the ice-breaker. The service is over, you have one eye on the photographer and one eye on each other, so who will keep an eye on everybody else?

At a wedding there are two or more families and different groups of friends. Magic is the perfect ice breaker, bringing your guests together as groups form to enjoy the show.

Walkaround Magic is perfect as an ice-breaker at your wedding reception where your extended families and friends might be meeting for the first time! This is ideal entertainment as magic and comedy creates a relaxed and wonderful atmosphere between the guests while you newly-weds are off having your photos taken.

If anyone guests appears to be at a loose end, I'll introduce them, get them laughing and leave them with a talking point. At a wedding everyone should be having a marvellous and wonderful time.

“All our guests, adults and children, thoroughly enjoyed your magic. You were fantastic.”
Tracey and Lee - Wincham Hall Hotel

Second, During the wedding breakfast I will entertain at the tables, between courses. you have people sitting next to each other who have just met. Making conversation can be difficult. Amazing, interactive and high-end magic with lots of interaction and humour will give them plenty to talk about.

The applause and laughter will help generate a fun, upbeat atmosphere during the wedding breafast. Each table gets its own personalised magic performance.

Should there be any delays with the catering staff, I will work with them and ensure that any tables waiting for their food are entertained first.

Thirdly  After the meal and speeches there is a lull while waiting for the evening guests. Magic makes an excellent ice-breaker and welcome for all arriving guests as they settle in to the festivities! People loosen-up and start to wiggle in their seats. The party is really getting going.

“Quentin, you rounded off the evening wonderfully. It was the perfect after dinner entertainment.”
Colin Richardson and
Hakim Boudjemai. Pitzhanger Manor-House

Besides being your entertainer, look on me as added insurance. With over twenty years of experience, having entertained at thousands of events, I am well used to dealing with caterers, event organisers, upset guests. For your big day, the focus should be on you. The last thing you need is some little upset out of the blue. Fortuntaely these things are rare but they can happen even at the best organised weddings. I can help smooth over any little hiccups tactfully and diplomatically, ensuring the overall day runs smoothly.

I'd be delighted and honoured to entertain at your wedding, so please do get in touch for a friendly, no obligation chat on 0161 236 4452 or by email through the form below.

My very best wishes,

 Quentin Reynolds
Quentin Reynolds

PS your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life. You want all your friends talking. I’ll mix you’ll hear them laughing and see their faces. I create a sensation. It’s my job. Even your weird relations will have a great time. When you go looking at your photos in years to come and see me with all your guests you’ll say "We got the right man for the job."

What will your guests remember? You, of course - and the peple they met, plus they will remember the fun and laughter. I specialise in generating that. Get in touch!





 Creating Memories
of Your
Special Day

Quentin Reynolds wedding magician entertains guests at Ciaran and Gemma's wedding.

Quentin Reynolds wedding magic 

wedding magician manchester

 We want to see Quentin's magic. Where is he?

Quentin Entertains all ages and even teaches the youngsters useful life skills.

How Can This Be? Truly amazing.

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Delighted gasps of amazement

Wedding magician Quentin Reynolds getting the party going with amazement and laughter. 

 Why didn't I book wedding magician Quentin Reynolds

 Watch the look on their faces

 "Did that really happen? I was watching so close. Amazing!"

Delighted guests as wedding magician Quentin Reynolds breaks the ice.